Rock and Roll Can Save the World

Last night we had sixty people at our house for a fundraising house concert. The weatherman had been calling for clear skies all week until the day before the party, when he said, “Whoops! Looks like a torrential downpour will unleash its fury one hour before your party!” Much of the party was set to be outside: bonfire, marshmallows, the whole thing. After spewing many unmentionable words, we decided not to panic. We rented a tent, lit some candles, and made the most of it.

The rain came with a vengeance, but so did the friends. We were damp and laughing about it, inspired by it even. Drinks flowed, the food was awesome, and there was a moment in the middle of the concert when I was looking outside at the rain falling under the streetlight while listening to two incredibly talented musicians play in my living room, and I felt that elusive feeling: happiness.

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