New Piece Published!

featherred(2)A new creative non-fiction piece called “The Raven and The Crane” was published in the beautiful online journal, Two Hawks Quarterly. Check it out.




P.S. It was a total happy accident that the name of the journal also paid homage to birds. I love how the universe works.

4 thoughts on “New Piece Published!

  1. Beautiful, Julie. Miss you guys. I’m working on a project in Emeryville currently. Would love to see you guys if it works out next time I’m in the East Bay.

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  2. Julie, this is stunningly beautiful. Thank you for this gift on this quiet Saturday morning — the backyard birds woke me up, despite the fact that I could have slept late. This would ordinarily drive me crazy, but instead I just listened to them. I’m pretty sure they were telling me to get up and read your piece…

    1. Thank you so, so, so much. I am so happy to hear that it resonated with you. This was a vulnerable one–where I just put it all out there, closed my eyes and hit send. It’s been a real relief to hear that people feel me. XO

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