It’s a Think Piece. *

I’ve found a kindred spirit. His name is Adam Wahlberg, and he’s founder of Think Piece Publishing which strives to provide singular voices on social, health-related issues. This article in the MinnPost explains it best when it says, “Adam Wahlberg’s role is not just to publish but to advocate for people in trouble.”

SPIRIT_BartonAdam asked me to write a guest blog post, and I’ve done that here. Please check it out. It’s about how I found the courage to tell my story.

Five years ago I never would have told anyone that I suffer from depression. I feared judgement. I know better now. And I know that getting my voice out there about these issues is how I peel back the dark shadows. Adam and Jacob are doing the same thing, and I’m so happy to add my voice to the mix.

This is the message I send to people who are currently suffering: You are not alone. There is no judgement. Reach out. People will help you. People want to help you. You can feel better.

My parents saved my life. My dog was my continuing care, always first in line to respond when I began to fall back into depression. I write to thank all of them for stepping in when I was at my lowest, for their unwavering, unconditional love and support.

More work I adore from Think Piece Publishing:

Losing_Tim_cvrThis memoir by Janet Burroway, heroine to all students of writing. Her book Losing Tim is about her son’s military life and suicide. “Losing Tim is a memoir by a mother about a soldier son who killed himself. It’s not an easy read. But it’s a beautiful one. Burroway, a National Book Award nominee, welcomes readers to grieve along with her, while also providing a lens into how soldiers, and military contractors, like her son, are changed by their combat experiences.”


LevyThis documentary about Adam Levy, lead singer of the Honeydogs, whose son Daniel suffered from mental illness and committed suicide in 2012 at age 21. The conversations in the documentary are candid and moving. I am full of love for this remarkable father and beautiful young man gone too soon.

* Line from one of the best movies ever: Can you name it?

Big thanks to Lisa Grantham for connecting me and Adam. Thank you Lisa! 

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  1. Love watching the organic emergence of good in the world as kind and talented people like you and Adam join forces.

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