In a world so fraught with awful news, I wanted to post a list of things I find comforting. Most of these comforts are free. They require no travel, no money, no huge effort. The only requirement is slowing down and paying attention.

ComfortsAfrican Violet

The cat’s low purr.
The smell of coffee.
Warm chocolate chip cookies.
Runner’s high.
My dog’s soft, expressive ears.
Puppy smell.
Guinea pig squeaks.
Trees arching overhead creating a beckoning tunnel.
The sweet smell at the top of my daughter’s head.
Children playing in the distance.
A swaddled newborn in the crook of my arm.
Hiking in a quiet forest.
Ice water after hours of gardening.
The African Violet blooming after two dormant years.
Sitting at the base of a tree and listening.
Birds calling to each other.
A green field dotted with yellow wildflowers.
Barbecue smell wafting in over fresh cut grass.
A fish in cool water.
Thoughts settling and slowing down during meditation.
Taking that afternoon nap.
Phone calls from best friends.
Crying with a friend who isn’t afraid of my tears.
Finishing a good book, holding it to my chest.
Writing through tears.
The way my husband rocks back and forth when he’s thinking.
A kiss on the neck.
Unlacing shoes & peeling socks off of tired feet.
A good foot massage.
Van Morrison’s Astral Weeks.
A kitten falling asleep in the crook of my neck.
That first sip of a cold beer.
The cool breeze at the end of a hot day.
A soft sweater on chilled shoulders.
Crickets singing outside the bedroom window as I drift to sleep.
The dog’s toenails tapping on hardwood floor.
My mother’s slippers tap-dragging through the house.
My father’s dress shoes clicking through the hall.

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