Real Magic #2

March 26, 2021

The still dormant crepe myrtle in my front yard with the red Japanese maple blurred behind it.

In the spring in California, the trees bloom slowly, all at different rates. The Japanese maples are already fully leafed-out in their red or green elegance, while the crepe myrtles look positively dead. The ornamental pear tree looks like it’s holding snowballs made of petals. But the sycamores are bare branched, as if they’re still expecting one more winter frost. 

Sometimes it’s easy to feel like we’re behind—like someone else is farther along than we are. But none of that is true, I remember, when I look at the trees all doing what they do, quietly, assuredly, all at their own pace.

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6 thoughts on “Real Magic #2

  1. Very affirmative. We’re fine absolutely the way we are. Gifts we are. Nature always remembers. The trees outside my window, fine witnesses–thank you, thank you, thank you.

  2. I love this! Thank you for the reminder. The past weeks have been rough on everyone. Today Venus emerges as the evening star and although we can’t see her she is sending and holding us in light. Tomorrow the full moon is in Libra reminding us of our divine beauty. Your writing is perfect for this exact time!!!

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