Real Magic # 7

I pay attention to my dreams. The more I notice and record them, the more incredible and sometimes prophetic they become. Often they involve animals.

I have never told anyone this, but when my husband and I decided, over eighteen years ago, to try to get pregnant, I went to sleep that night and dreamt of two owls standing on a branch just outside my bedroom window. I knew that these two beings were the souls of my children. I told them I loved them and wanted them. They indicated that they were ready and waiting to join our family.

My daughters were born two days apart (three years and two days apart). Today my eldest daughter turns seventeen. On Sunday, my younger daughter will celebrate her fourteenth birthday. We call this span of three days our family’s birthday season.

Owls symbolize different things for different cultures, but for me, they represent trusting what we intuit. They represent wisdom and change, life and death. I’m so grateful for that dream and for my daughters.

Now I need to go bake a few birthday cakes.

7 thoughts on “Real Magic # 7

  1. Wow! I’ve had them, too, sometime prophetic in the positive direction, sometimes prophetic in the negative direction. But it is always clear when it’s a “message” dream, they are just different somehow. Your story is a beautiful one indeed!

  2. This is beautiful Julie. I love owls and so does my firstborn Henry. They are mysterious and certainly do embody intuition and wisdom.

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