Real Magic #9

I am trying to finish a new book based on the concept of Real Magic, and it has been one of the most challenging projects of my life. I struggle to write about the transcendence I experience in the natural world without it sounding corny or fake or forced. Some of these stories are so incredibly magical that I find that even I doubt my experience. There are days I just want to give up. Yesterday morning was one of those days. So I did what I do when I need a reset–I go to the woods. I took all three dogs and went up to the Oakland Hills, and we hiked.

I ask a lot of the natural world. Yesterday as I was hiking, I asked for a sign that I should continue writing this book. Should I even try to translate this sacred relationship into words? Or should I just leave it alone? I said, once again, aloud, for the hundredth time alone amongst the trees, “I need a sign.”

I continued walking and contemplated what I would do if I received no sign, if there were no magical visitations or discoveries. Would I quit working on the book? Would I start a totally different project? Right then, I stumbled upon a stunning owl feather in the path. I stopped, picked it up, snapped a photograph, offered some water in gratitude, and said, OK. OK, Thank you. That was all I needed.

I continued and at the final bend in the trail, high up in a tree, sat the enormous Great Horned Owl. She was cleaning herself, preening, flipping her wings, shaking, and she stopped what she was doing and looked straight at me with piercing yellow eyes. Then, I noticed behind her, two faces. There were two babies in her nest, their feathers still fuzzy and white, their faces dark in contrast.

My stomach flipped with excitement, because this is what I mean by real magic. This is the natural world showing up and saying it is present. Remember how I wrote about the two owls outside my window a few weeks ago? Now, unbelievably, when I asked for reassurance, they appeared in my waking life.

I made a promise to myself in that moment: I will finish this book. I will stop the doubt. Believing is so much more beautiful and hopeful than doubt anyway, isn’t it? And in this moment, I choose beauty and hope.

21 thoughts on “Real Magic #9

  1. What a gift it is to me to get to walk along with you on your journey as you write this new book You are on the right journey. Stay on the track. I see and feel the connections. Yours is a universal journey and one that is a gift.

  2. So. Beautiul.I agree what a hard thing to write about w/o sounding corny or woo-woo silly…

  3. Being present… breathing in deeply… ears open to all of the earth… magic sings! As do you Julie. When you take your moment & accept the gifts, then share it with us… swoosh… we are transported too. Thank you for sharing your bliss!.

  4. This is so beautiful, Julie. My tummy actually flipped when I read your words!
    What a… hoot ♥️

  5. I want to acknowledge you for being open and present. Without your willing awareness, you would have missed the telegram from the owl people. It’s hard to carry on sometimes, isn’t it? My heart is soothed and gladdened knowing you are in the world and I look forward to the birth of the book you are co-creating with the Originating Genius, Source Muse.

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