Real Magic #11

Since it’s my 11th Real Magic, I want to write about that magical time: 11:11. In my family, when we see it, we say, “11:11! Make a wish!” We close our eyes and wish for something: goodness for a struggling friend, strength to get through that next difficult thing, anything really.

This tradition started after my grandfather’s funeral in 2007. During the ceremony, I had to step outside because my infant daughter had begun crying. I walked into the warm Santa Barbara sun, soothing and bouncing the baby, and asked my grandfather for a sign. I think I even said it out loud. “Anything will do, Grampa. A gust of wind, a bird, a bug, anything. Let me know you’re there.” I waited. Nothing came, not even a slight wind. But then I noticed that the church’s street address was 1111. I looked at my watch, and sure enough it was 11:11 AM.

I started laughing and said, “Of course!” It made perfect sense that my grandfather, an engineer, would choose numbers. Is this connection just coincidence? Is it all made up? Perhaps. But perhaps not. I find that when I pay attention, I find this kind of magic everywhere. What is most certainly real is that seeing 11:11 always feels like a little hug from beyond. When I see it, I say hello to Grampa, make a wish, and feel reconnected, comforted, and hopeful.

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10 thoughts on “Real Magic #11

  1. Your cousin, my daughter in law Corinne, had tenderly shared the importance of 11:11 with us. It’s funny how often I will check to see what time it is and see it’s 11:11. Sadly I never met your grandfather. However I find myself saying a little thank you at 11:11 to the man that helped create the family that would expand ours. Connecting spirit to spirit.

  2. I’ve been seeing 11:11 since the day you first told me this story, most often when I was distracted by low-frequency living, was particularly sad or mad, or when I got a gentle reminder to call Mom. The most profound experience, for me, that I wasn’t just making stuff up, that SOMETHING is going on, was the time I started seeing 11:11 every single day, even twice a day, and when I stopped and listened, there was this unhappy urgency. I had no idea what was going on. Then Mom fell, which put her in a walker for the rest of her life. The 11:11 sightings abruptly stopped for weeks.

    Always the doubter of what I think I know, and being an engineer’s daughter, I decided to also start marking whenever I saw the random number of 11:27- to see how much my own confirmation bias and selective attention might be at play with the whole 11:11 thing. So far, I have yet to “just happen” to check the time at 11:27.

  3. Your grandmother wrote about this to me in 2008, along with some of Marcia’s experiences. She wrote that she often felt Larry’s presence in brief moments.

  4. Of course … To an engineer, “1111” is the letter “F” (don’t ask). Or the number “15”. ❤️

  5. You’ll have to ask me to tell you the story about my therapist’s grandson. His favorite time was also 11:11

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