Cessna 172

rc-cessna-182Last night on the way to the party I looked up into the evening sky and saw a Cessna flying unsteadily over the San Francisco Bay. It pitched hard right, swerved, then pitched deeply left. My husband was driving, and I said, “Oh man, look at that plane!” And then the suffering thing pointed straight down and I yelled, “It’s going down!”

My husband, calm beside me, said, “Really?”

“It’s crashing!” I had my hand over my mouth. Those people. Those poor people.

And he said, “Julie, it’s a model airplane. It’s a toy.”

I looked closer and could immediately see that he was right. I laughed hard then made fun of myself, putting on a crazy lady voice: It’s going down! Bah!  My husband laughed too, shook his head and continued driving, calmly, steadily.

It’s amazing how something so clear and urgent can turn out to be not what I thought at all.

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